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is a “family affair”!

Iliachtida is the Greek word for “Sunbeam“. Similarly to all Greek words, it is difficult to pronounce but encloses a bit of Greece in it, a bit of sun and optimism!

Iliachtida sparkled for the first time in 2008, as a timid project of Meropi, at the urging of her father, Antonios, to channel her creativity and appetite for work to something fresh and innovative.

The company was set up in 2008 as a sole proprietorship of Meropi herself, who has graduated from the Department of Interior Architecture, Decoration and Object Design of Athens Technical University, with the support and guidance of her mechanical engineer father, Antonios Papakyriakis, graduate of NTUA, as
a desire to combine the theoretical cognitive part with the business activity. Initially engaging in the production of wooden furniture for kindergartens and their equipment with clothing and toys, its activity soon expanded to the production of safety floors and playgrounds equipment, covering the “gap” that existed in the Greek market until then, as the majority of these items were imported from abroad.

Supplied with an appetite for work and a willingness to specialize and continue training, focused on a goal that is none other than the production of high quality products that consistently meet the requirements of its customers, Iliachtida managed in about a decade to expand its customer base and is now established in the market as a reliable supplier of safety floors and playgrounds equipment, gaining a significant market share against big names in the field.

For about 2 years now, the company has been operating in the form of a Societe Anonyme, without losing its “family” character, always represented by Meropi, now framed by a team of experienced associates who complement the team of Iliachtida.

At its facilities in Egaleo, Attica, Iliachtida produces high quality products, safety floors, playground equipment, urban equipment, outdoor fitness equipment and wooden furniture for kindergartens.