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Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility


Recognizing our responsibility to society, Iliachtida incorporates social and environmental consiousness into its business and participates in social responsibility actions whenever possible. In this context, Iliachtida invests in the reliability of its products as well as its executives, focusing on creating added value and long-term perspective. Indicatively:

  • Iliacthida has installed and is implementing an energy management system (ISO 50001: 2011 certification)
  • It is committed to the existence of policies that ensure the health and safety of all employees (ISO BS OHSAS certification 18001:2007)
  • It offers training opportunities and maximizes employee promotion opportunities through its own organization.

Social responsibility for Iliachtida is one of the fundamental values ​​that practically recognizes our contribution to society by offering material and economic benefits to socially vulnerable groups of our fellow human beings and especially to children.

The actions we have taken in recent years focus on initiatives aimed at supporting social groups in need. Our company offers selflessly without seeking recognition and promotion, so we do not publish actions in which we have made contributions.